Mars in Aries

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In this month’s “Midheaven News” by one of my favorite Astrologers, Laura Waldman, part of the profile of “Mars in Aries” reads as follows: 

Some people will be angry, arrogant or self-centered. Unfortunately, it can be a time of more battles and fires than usual. The best usage of this warrior planet is to be a hero or champion. The world needs protectors and advocates sometimes. Let the time bring you courage and take a risk, operating from Great Love. If you constantly cater to the needs of others, look out for #1 and discover that people are actually happier with you when you respect yourself. Monday June 11 can be a particularly productive day.

After listening to the President’s address today, this seems especially timely.  I want to encourage you to apply the paragraph’s meaning personally with special emphasis on looking out for yourself – with Great Love – and notice how the people around you are responding to you.  I wonder if sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we don’t stop to think (and feel) about how we’re treating ourselves (much less how we are allowing others to treat us!). 

I’ve heard it said that in order for us to be able to forgive others, we must be able to forgive ourselves first. This could seem counter intuitive but upon further exploration you may be surprised to discover that there is a festering resentment towards yourself buried deep inside of your anger, hatred or sadness because of someone else’s ill-behavior that you have allowed. Festering resentments begin as a little blister when we step over taking care of ourselves and allow someone to infect our space with yucky behavior towards us.

Humor me.  Create a new document in Word, or take out a blank piece of paper and write out an amends letter to yourself.  What amends would you like to offer and receive?   Part of my amends letter might include:

“Lynn, I’d like to make amends to you for stepping over all the experience, skills, talent and wisdom that you  possess and for becoming side-tracked by the brilliance of others as compared to you.  One action I will take is to re-direct my thinking from focusing on what someone has that I think you don’t have and looking for the skill, talent, or experience that you do have and finding a way that it can best be used”.

Use your imagination, the sky is the limit!!   If the safest, most loving, most caring person in the world was to open up their arms to you right now and offer you refuge, what brilliance inside of you would you allow to shine?

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