Synchronizing What We Think With What We Do!

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Since the early part of last year, many of us have been watching and discussing, “The Secret” and/or downloading a very old book available on the internet called, “The Science of Getting Rich”.  Many of us have run right off the beaten path with the main message for each of these and way deep into the woods of controversy.  The most important point that I gleaned from both was that “successful” people (“successful” meaning happy people living the life of their intentions) synchronize what they want with what they do.  They are fully intentional with their actions and follow through.

Research this for yourself.  Take a look at your life and the people that surround you and notice those people that seem to be happy doing what they are doing.  If there is no one in your immediate circle, look within your community. If you don’t know this successful person, find people who do know them and ask them a whole lot of questions.  I interview successful people who are in my life personally and professionally all the time. I’m very attracted to people who can get behind what they want and follow through with their intentions. What I’ve discovered is that many of these people are in alignment with their values and how they live their lives. 

Where I became initially distracted from the message of The Secret and The Science of Getting Rich was regarding the material aspects.  Upon further reflection and digestion, I realized that in my spiritual belief system I believe that we take nothing material with us when we die and that what is most important are the zip-files within our souls that we will take with us to wherever it is that we go.  I believe it is perfectly okay for those of us who desire to surround ourselves with lovely things to do so as long as the way that we bring them into our lives is in sync with our values.  I have the pleasure of getting to know a lovely couple who are quite wealthy in our community and who surround themselves with lovely things.  What I most appreciate about these friends is that they give of themselves with their time and money effortlessly.  They are also in alignment with their values so that I always feel equal to them and never less than.

No matter what you want in your life, whether it is peace and serenity and/or money and success, if you follow through with your actions and words, synchronicity will find you.  I want to become an amazing synchronicity attractor so stay tuned as I consciously make every effort to say and do those actions that will follow through with what I want!

May we bump into each other soon!

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