Walk Your Talk

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I must confess that in the past I have felt much more comfortable “sounding” really grounded and espousing wisdom that I’ve learned throughout the years than to actually practice the principles that I hold so dear.  My feeling may just be part of the human condition. In spite of this,  I suspect that the God of my understanding and my higher-consciousness have been taking many notes along the way because now that I have created a life of being a Life Coach, writer and radio personality, it is much more difficult to hide behind my words.  Now people are more able to see my actions as well.More...

In previous posts I’ve told you about leaving my cushy job to stripe out on my own as a Coach.  In addition to coaching, I’ve also been writing regularly and exploring my passion for interviewing interesting and creative people on the radio.  I feel very confident about the groundwork that has been done thus far yet; my husband and I are simply not making it on one salary right now.  After many heartfelt conversations, I realized that I must find some kind of regular work to keep the home fires burning while I continue to pursue all my other endeavors.

What I understand is that there is no room for me to feel shame or disappointment because if I was coaching someone else in my same shoes, I would encourage them to take care of themselves (and their marriage) financially first as well as to not give up their dream. I would completely support them in the seeds that they’ve already been sown and ask them to consider finding some regular work because it would be healthy for them as well as allow them to live their values with integrity. Furthermore, I would suggest that they create some action steps regarding the business that they are growing and encourage them to not give up. In other words, I’ve created a situation for myself where being a V I C T I M is not an option.  How humbling can it get?!

Growing up in public is not fun when, like me, you’ve been used to throwing a tantrum when the fear gets too great instead of taking a step back and assessing the situation and trusting the process.  Who would want to work with a Coach or read inspiration writings or listen to someone like that?!  I just hope in my evolution as a human being that you can garner some hope for yourself and know that having the life you want to live is very possible—we just have to be willing to walk through the fire and trust that we won’t get burned.

It’s a new day, it’s a new year and I’m going to take on this life with everything I’ve got. What are you going to do today?

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