Little Worlds Within ONE

Posted on : 12-07-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Communication, Uncategorized


Have you seen the very end of “Men in Black” where the aliens are playing dice with planets (and Earth is one of them!)?  It reminds me that there are all these little worlds within our world. I’ve always been fascinated by groups of people who seem to be in their “own little world” — pick a subject: Scuba divers, runners, doll collectors, digital photographers, Coaches, therapists..etc. etc. etc.  Like a Venn Diagram our worlds overlap each other constantly. 


I’ve been on this planet long enough to know that I could fit in many little worlds. For example, I’m an Air force Brat, I’m a Texan, I went to boarding school, I’m a scuba diver, a yogi, a runner, I enjoy animals, music, art, traveling. I like humor, but only if it is really smart and not at the cost of another.  The list goes on.  Aries, writer, radio dj, etc.  All of this to say that there are many, many ways that I can connect with all kinds of different people and in the process receive (and give) information, love, understanding, knowledge. 

My career path is a weird kind of Venn Diagram as well from working in pathology labs during the early days to waitressing, assisting a world-renowned scientist who was the editor of a major science journal, delving into the magazine world, the non-profit world, and finally the IT world before embracing the Coaching world.  These have all offered me a wealth of perspective and the opportunity to learn the language of a little world so that I could then take it into the larger world to use as material for creating bridges between worlds.   

I try to be sensitive to the seduction of the little worlds too because if I’m spending too much time inside of one world, then I know I’ll become numb to the opportunities to learning from other perspectives.  I want to enjoy my various little worlds but also keep myself open to other ideas and other ways of being. I love Mexico and I love scuba diving the Caribbean reefs but I also love Japan and hiking up the mountains and feeling the cool breezes across my face.   

I want to always be able to create a bridge from one section of interesting people to another.  I want to be able to create a safe place for people to explore new ways of being. 

 What about you?  What little worlds are you a part of and how do they interact within this larger world that we live inside? 



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