Talking From the Heart

Posted on : 18-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks


Today I got to be part of a show, Soul Talk radio show (KOOP 91.7) hosted by Nelin Hudani who is the illustrious leader of the “Heartfelt Conversations” group that meets every other Wednesday for an hour and a half as we discuss matters of our hearts and souls.  What fun!  We spoke about Beliefs, Choices and Emotions for an hour, the time just zoomed by

What I loved the most about the Heartfelft Conversations group during the “Soul Talk” hour on KOOP Radio, was the diversity of the individuals (Christian, Hindu, Sufi, B’Hai) yet the commonality of how we all felt about each other and the God we all share no matter the various paths we took to get there.  We are all one in the same.  To my delight, one of the things that I am becoming very aware of is the depth of sharing and the breadth of love that, at least the Iranian women I’ve met thus far, seem to offer

I so want to encourage anyone reading this to explore people who you would feel “safe” with to have a “Heartfelt Conversation” for yourselves.  Jennifer Conway, wrote me today and shared what she was learning in her leadership class at St. Ed’s specifically on the difference between having a dialogue and having a discussion.  A dialogue allows for the participants to be open minded for hearing other points of view. I also believe the set-up for a good dialogue is the intent of the outcome, such as wanting for the person sharing to feel loved, supported and heard. I hope more of these dialogues begin popping up all over the place. Why not begin with you?


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