So You Want to Become A ?…….

Posted on : 23-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Career Stuff


I believe that everyone on this planet who has a passion in their heart for a specific career path, can do what is in their heart if they will muster up the courage to take the steps necessary (investigate, interview and explore) to find out what action steps they will need to take the plunge.  For those of you who don’t think you have a passion for anything in particular, you just know you don’t want to keep on doing what you’re doing now, then listen up, there’s hope for you as well.

As a Professional Life/Career Coach I have several tools that we can use from my bag of tricks to help you find what you want to do and what you are suited for doing and/or to go after what you want to do with the support of a Coach beside you along the way. 

Please go look at the SUN Coaching website for information about The Strength’s Profile that we use to find your unique personality traits. This is a 40-page Personality Trait profile (previously known as the Winslow Assessment) which asks you 260 questions to ascertain your personality traits. We will use this profile to discuss with you how your identified strengths have worked for you and how you can use these to lead you to the career you really want to have. If by some blessing you are already in the career of your dreams but still have some unrest, we’ll explore together how you can maximize your strengths for success.

 One of the other excellent resources I can offer is through my alliance as a Coach with If you do not know about VocationVacations then please do go look at their site.  They offer you a chance to explore the career of your dreams, while “on vacation”. In other words, you don’t have to quit your day job if you want to go investigate what is out there and see if your fantasies can become reality.  I’ve spoken with one client recently who has had a lucrative job as a top level executive and is considering opening up a Doggie Day Care.  She’s got so many things in place already, from a business plan through a marketing plan and now she’s taken the step to take a Doggie Day Care VocationVacation to see if it is really what she wants to do. Then she and I can work together to help her build a roadmap for her success, help her to stay on track and help her to not lose her mind in the process (read: stay balanced with work and home).

 I love Coaching with people on finding a job or career that is a good fit for their hearts, minds and souls. I know, I recently left my cushy job of 10 years as the associate partner for an IT staffing company to Coach full-time.  Some people probrably think I’m crazy, but I’ve spent the last five years Coaching part-time and becoming accredited through two Coaching schools (CoachU and the Success Unlimited Network (r).  If not now, then when?

You do not have to stay stuck. You do not have to be miserable in your day job. You can be doing what you really want to do if you will just have the courage to explore what it is that you really want to do. Sounds simple, but it’s not easy. That’s what I’m here for though, as your Coach, I will support you along the way as you realize a life for yourself that, until now, dreams were made.


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