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Posted on : 04-05-2006 | By : Lynn | In : Introduction


The real truth is that I want to be the most perfect blogger that ever hit the planet and I know that I just need to get over that right now, hence my putting it out there in my greeting to you. My true-gut-level intention is to help others through my experiences in life as well as in Coaching others and being Coached. I want for you to feel comfortable in reading what I write so that you can “see yourself” in some of my experiences and take from them something that can be useful for you.

Couple of life-lessons that I’ve become aware of lately (perhaps at a different level than before?) is

1.) we are what we think and

2.) we can manifest what we want by how we think.

A dear friend recommended an e-book called, “The Science of Getting Rich” and if it wasn’t for the fact that I really, really respect her, I probrably would not have bothered exploring this site. Dare I be considered someone that cares about money and luxuries with all the pain and suffering going on in the world? I think not.

So, I went to explore it (only once so far). It’s a free downloadable book about the science of getting rich written by a gentleman many years ago. I love what I’ve read thus far. All about how we think and how powerful our thoughts really are because everything that you see in this world, e v e r y t h i n g, was first a thought. That’s pretty powerful when you consider it.

I know that I can be pretty cavalier with my thoughts, just tossing them to and fro with nary a consideration of their consequences (see my upcoming newsletter on “The Helicopter Effect). On the other hand, I don’t want to become so careful with my thoughts that I freak myself out from the free-flowing creative beam that I can sometimes generate in my mind either! But when it comes to things like creating prosperity, I would like to be as responsible with my thoughts as I can be.

My desire is to enjoy my life and my surroundings and then to be able to help others from the reserves of the overflow that I create. I have two non-profits in mind that I’d like to create, one to help animals and one is a school for kids. It occurred to me awhile back to wonder how rich people get rich and who are the heroes in the rich kingdom world that are doing good things with their riches for others? Well, believe it or not, there are a few–Oprah of course to name one. So I pondered, what if I could become one of these people that had figured out how to break the chains of “not having enough” or “having just enough” and instead “have enough plus a little bit more” and then create some vehicles for giving and helping others. Wow. That makes me very happy to think about.

I believe we ALL have the ability for this. Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially connected to my idea of God, I believe that there is absolutely nothing that we humans cannot create. Nothing. Somewhere way back in my belief systems is the belief that when we decide to “get it” and to stop warring. We will. When we decide to unite and heal Global Warming. We will. When we decide to stop abusing each other. We will. It first takes one person, you maybe, to believe in what is possible. And to believe that YOU, have inside of you already all the gifts, talents, experiences, and skills to create the life you deeply desire to have. You can.

Stay tuned for more on the “Science of Being Rich” as I explore this idea.

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